Pre-Season Trials & Training

Trials for all teams are conducted ongoing throughout pre-season training. Players are encouraged to start trialling with their preferred level, and as coaches of higher division teams finalise their selection, players that miss out will be passed on to the next level down.

Once a team has been finalised, selected players will be asked to register (do not register until then).

During pre-season, training typically jumps around due to capacity constraints, uncertainty of team numbers and oversubscribed player numbers. This will be especially so in 2024, as Willows oval is under redevelopment, meaning some sessions will be off ANU campus.

(nb: training times & locations can often change at late notice, so we recommend following our Facebook page or checking the Calendar for the latest updates during pre-season).

Training times & locations up until 28 February, are as follows:

CPL & CPL u23’s 

Mondays: 6:30-8:00pm @ Uni Canberra Oval 5

Wednesdays: 6:30-8:00pm @ Uni Canberra Oval 1

Capital Leagues 1 & 2 

Mondays: 6:30-8:00pm @ ANU South Oval

Wednesdays: 6:00-7:30pm @ O’Connor 1

Capital Leagues 3-6

Mondays: 5:00-6:30pm @ ANU South Oval

Wednesdays: 7:30-9:00pm @ O’Connor 1

Capital Leagues 7-11

Mondays: 7:30-9:00pm @ Lyneham 207 & 208

Wednesdays: 6:30-8:00pm @ ANU South Oval

Masters Leagues (over 35 & over 45) 

Wednesdays: 6:30-8:00pm @ Lyneham 207 & 208


Not sure where to go?

Played last year?

Capital Football has renamed State Leagues (SL) and Community Leagues (CLM) to just a single “Capital league” (CL) for 2024.  So …

  • SL1 = CL1
  • SL1R = CL2
  • SL2= CL3
  • SL2R = CL4
  • SL3 = CL5
  • SL3R = CL6
  • CLM1 = CL7
  • CLM2 = CL8
  • CLM3 = CL9
  • CLM4 – CL10
  • CLM5 = CL11
New to the club?

CPL is Canberra’s NPL2 grade. If you’ve got NPL experience, worth heading down.

CL1 to CL6 are “competitive” grades. We don’t know what that means either, but if you’ve played a heap of football and want to try play at a higher level, this is where to go.

CL7 to CL11 are “social” grades. Again, this is an imperfect definition, but am sure you get the idea.

Still not sure? Head down to any session on ANU South Oval, join in the session and the coaches there will help you find the right spot for the next session.  Or feel free to shoot an email to

Regular Season Training

Regular season training will usually be on Monday and Wednesday’s for 90 minutes.

Teams are allocated a slot at either 6:00pm-7:30pm, or 7:30pm-9:00pm, and will usually split sessions between Willows, South and Fellows Ovals at ANU.


Teams train at either Fellows Oval, Willows Oval or South Oval on the ANU Campus.


Training may be located off-campus if there is not sufficient availability. Our usual off-campus locations are: