ANU Football Club Lifetime Member Guidelines

Premise of the Award

“Awarded to a member of the Club who through their actions and conduct both on and off the field promotes the interests of the Club and services the broader Club community for an extended period.”


The award cannot be purchased; it must be earned. The broad criteria involve meeting the above premise. The specific criteria are outlined below.

  • To be eligible for lifetime membership, the player must have played a minimum of 12 seasons with the Club.
  • In addition, the player must have served the Club as a coach or a committee member for at least six years.
  • Other criteria may also be used in place of the above, so long as the broad premise is met. This might include such items as procurement of significant sponsorships.


  • Member must be proposed and seconded by other members of the club.
  • A submission demonstrating the meeting of the criteria must be made by the proposer and seconder in writing. This submission is to be presented to the committee.
  • Submission is to be made no later than 4 weeks prior to presentation night.
  • The committee will meet no later than 3 weeks prior to presentation night to discuss any lifetime membership applications.
  • Decision as to whether lifetime membership is to be conferred is to be made by the current committee at the time of the submission.
  • The committee’s decision is final, and no appeal provision applies.
  • The committee’s decision must be unanimous for the application to be upheld. However, the committee is encouraged to discuss any application(s) as a group, i.e. There is no requirement for a “secret ballot” when voting on a submission.
  • Members can be renominated in later years if the initial submission is rejected.


The player shall receive the following in recognition of their lifetime membership status:

  • Wooden shield with ANU crest and plaque
  • Official Club Tie
  • Name inscribed on the Perpetual Board
  • Free membership of the ANU Football Club. All costs including SRA membership, RSL membership and Team Shirt Deposit to be covered by the ANU Football Club.
ANU Football Club Life Members

Ransome Maclean2020
Peter Papathanasiou2017
Ed Huddy2014
Jeremy Murray2012
John Martin2010
Adrian Cunningham2006
Steve McIntyre2006
Dominic Barbaro2005
Jim Dawson2003
Peter Signorinni2003
Andrew Allen2003
Stephen Kininmonth2001
Peter Foley1995
Don Greig1995