What is Social Football?

Social Football is NOT competitive. Our social football is designed to be fun and stress-free! Depending on numbers we may play small-sided games or larger 11 on 11 depending on players preferences on the day.

Who can play?

Anyone over the age of 16 can become a social football football member . Social Football is mixed, and so is open to both women and men.

When is Social Football held?

Social Football is run every Friday night during semester, at 5pm on Fellows Oval. For more info on university semester dates, please go to the ANU website.

How can I stay up to date and get involved?

Jump on over to our ANU Social Football Facebook Group for all the latest updates and announcements.

What do I get out of Social Football?

Being a social football member of the club entitles you to all the benefits of a traditional member, such as:

  • Attend all club social football sessions; and
  • Attend all club events including, but not limited to, season launch, trivia night, presentation night, and FIFA Tournaments.
  • Voting rights as outlined in the club constitution.
  • The ability to be a committee member.

How much does Social Football cost?

Our social football is value for money. We believe anyone who wants to play football, regardless of personal circumstances, should be afforded the opportunity to play.

ANUFC Student Social Membership Fee – $50

ANUFC Associate Social Membership Fee – $195

How do I sign-up?

We have a free 3-week come and try policy, so you just need to turn up on the day!

But if you’re sold, you can purchase an ANUFC Social Membership through our ANU Sport portal!

Sign-up Process
  1. Login to the ANU Sport website – https://sportandwellbeing.anu-sport.com.au.
    1. Students need to login using their ‘ANU account’.
    2. Non-students need to login using their ‘community account’. To establish a community account go to https://sport and well-being.anu-sport.com.au/Account/Register).
  2. Go to https://sportandwellbeing.anu-sport.com.au/Clubs/anufc/Groups
  3. Choose the relevant ANUFC membership type, student or associate (associate is the ANU Sport term for any one who is not currently an ANU student).
  4. For the “ANU Sport Membership 2023 (pre-paid)” choose the membership type consistent with the ANUFC membership type chosen in step 3.
  5. Your membership application will remain incomplete until you complete purchase of the relevant membership product as part of the membership application.
    1. For students, this is the ‘2023 ANUFC Student Social Membership’.
    2. For non-students this is the ‘2023 ANUFC Associate Social Membership Fee’.
    3. Choosing the membership product inconsistent with your ANU student status will generate errors and freeze further processing of your application until corrected.
Note that if you have also been selected for an ANUFC team that plays in Capital Football leagues, you should apply for an ANUFC Competitive Membership, which includes access to Social Membership events, inlcuding Social Football.