ANU Soccer Club United Magazine (est 1991)

The ANU Soccer Club United Magazine, or ANU SCUM for short, is the official organ of the ANU Football Club. Keen observers will note the discrepancy between the name of the magazine and the name of the club. This is simply a relic of a time when football did not exist in Australia (before 2003). Instead, we played a slightly different game called Soccer.

The ANU SCUM’s first issue was in early 1991. The founder and first editor of the SCUM was ANUFC Life Member

Stephen Kininmonth, although he does not claim it to be an original idea, stating that

Dave Dummet (ex-player) suggested to him at an earlier time that it would be good to have a club newsletter.

More info about the history of the SCUM can be found in the club history. While we do have records of almost all the SCUM’s going back to Volume 1 Issue 1, unfortunately we will not be uploading these to the website. Any current or former member can request a copy of these by contacting us.

If you want to submit an article or a match report, or you have ideas on how we an improve the SCUM, please email

Volume 33 (2023)

Volume 32 (2022)

Volume 31 (2021)

Volume 30 (2020)