What is registration?

All potential club members must register to be a member of the club. There are two forms of registrations:

  1. Registration for Club Membership - This is done through the ANU Sport website here. This is also where you will pay the membership fee. There are two forms of Club Membership:
    1. Membership for Capital Football Competition; and
    2. Membership for Social Football
  2. Registration for Capital Football Competitions - This is done through the PlayFootball website here. This does not incur a fee as the membership fee for playing in Capital Football Competitions is paid through the Clubs website.
When can I register?

Registration for Club Memberships (Capital Football Competitions) require you to have been selected by the coach of a team, and asked to register. Team selections are usually finalised in March each calendar year.

Registration for Club Memberships (Social Football) is available at anytime for that calendar year.

Registration for Capital Football Competitions can only be made after receiving approval from the coach of a team. Our registrar will only approve registrations that match to the team list that they receive from coaches. For some divisions, team selections continue up until the first round.

What do I need to register for Capital Football competitions?
Registered Before (Domestic)
  • Personal Details
  • Student Number (if a student) and a photo of your student card
  • Credit Card (for registration fee)
Registered Before (International)
  • Some players may require an International Transfer Clearance. See below.
Never Played Before
  • A form of identification (typically a passport/drivers license)
  • A profile photo
What is an International Transfer Certificate (ITC)?

An International Transfer Clearance may be required for players who have registered to play for a club under a Football Association of another country. 

Never Played with a Club Anywhere Before
  • During on-line registration process, system will ask country of birth and nationality and indicate ITC required.
  • Player will need to provide a copy of the picture id page of his passport to ANU FC who pass it to CF.
  • CF sends passport copy and player details to FFA, which sends them to other country FA.
  • Other country FA verifies player never registered there and clearance comes back via FFA, CF to ANU FC.
Played with Club in Own Country
  • During on-line registration process, system will ask country of birth and nationality and indicate ITC required.
  • Player prompted to enter name of previous club in home country - GET THIS RIGHT, not just approximately!
  • System automatically generates ITC request to FFA.
  • FFA sends ITC request to other country FA; FFA is very efficient at this.
  • Other country FA asks player’s club for clearance - this where your player can help by contacting club, telling them ITC request is coming and asking them to immediately approve it.
  • Clearance comes back via other country FA, FFA, CF to ANU FC
Played with a Club in Australia Previously
  • During on-line registration process, system will ask country of birth and nationality and indicate ITC required.
  • System also asks if previously played in Australia; if YES, system will drop ITC requirement.
  • Critical that player enters name used with previous Australian club - South American players often have  a middle name and two surnames and previous Australian club may not have used correct surname.
Expect European and North American ITCs within a week, South American within a fortnight, other places it helps if you know someone in the home country FA or can get you home club to pester the national FA.
How much is registration?
Membership Fee's for 2024 have not yet been finalised, but as a guide, the fee's last year were:

Capital Football Competitions

  • Students: $300 + processing fee.
  • Non-Students: $500 + processing fee.

Social Football

  • Students: $50 + processing fee.
  • Non-Students: $170 + processing fee.
What is the Club Affiliation Fee?

Previously known as the ANU Sport Membership fee, the Club Affiliation Fee is a compulsory levy paid by all non-student members of sport clubs affiliated to the ANU Sport and Recreation Association (SRA). This fee is currently $130 per annum, and is payable at the same time as the membership fee of the specific sport club. This fee provides the following benefits:

  • Provides affiliated sport clubs with access to discounted use of sport and recreation facilities at the ANU for training and competition.
  • Provides club members with discounted rates for the ANU Sport Fitness Centre and discounted access to facilities for personal use.
  • Provides individual members with access to personal accident insurance through the ANU Sport insurance coverage.
  • Provides professional indemnity insurance to the executives of affiliated organisations

If you are a member of an ANU Sport affiliated club, or the ANU Sport Gym you will have paid this fee at the time of purchasing your membership. Unfortunately, you will need to pay this fee again to the club, as we are charged per non-student member. However, you may request a refund through ANU Sport for the the months you have overpaid on your SRA Membership.

Prior to purchasing the ANU Sport Affiliation Fee, please ensure that you are familiar with the terms and conditions of becoming a member of an ANU Sport affiliated club.

Current ANU students DO NOT need to pay this fee as it is already covered through their tuition fees.

If you still have a question about registration, get in touch!